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Case Study: Financial Control and influence to create Finance Culture

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Financial Control

Company: Professional Services in Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Industry: Business Services

When: March 2012

Why did you seek intervention?

With ambitious plans to grow for IPO we realised that we need to have strong financial culture and better financial control within the business. Over a period of almost 3 decades we have built premium brand and strong reputation in the market as ‘innovators’. We have a unique methodology and a loyal team.

What was the outcome of the engagement?

  • Our Management team is more focused and are driving the creation of finance culture

  • Net cash flow has increased by 30%

  • Net Profit margin has increased by 5% with the further increase in the horizon


Within 8 weeks BMIM Cash flow have given us the structure and guidance to help us manage our business better. They have truly helped us understand the key drivers of performance in our business. We know that if we continue to follow these KPIs and work within this framework we can further improve performance and build higher business value. We decided to extend the engagement for 2 more years.

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