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BMIM Cash Flow store for advisers

World's simplest tools, easiest processes and best strategies for advisers and accountants

Discover the source of your client's cash flow shortage

Gain clarity about why your clients are short of cash so you can structure the best financial solution.

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Bridge communication gaps

Advisers speak Spanish, Businesses speak Portuguese. Use the BMIM Cash Flow Analysis for Advisers to bridge  communication gaps with your clients. 

Uncover the source of your client’s cash flow shortage

Numbers speak louder than words. Help your client see what you see with the BMIM Cash Flow analysis for Advisers

Enhanced offering

Integrate Cash Flow analysis in your offering. Your clients will really appreciate what they are getting from you – enhanced value, improved competency and ability to make more money. 

Win new clients faster

Convert businesses to clients 2x faster.  Win 10x more clients with less  effort.

Benefits of the Cash Flow Analysis for Advisers



Plans for advisers


Access to all tools. Limited to dummy data.


/month billed annually

Instant info about cash flow and profit performance.
Automated predictive cash flow improvements (work out the best deal).

Adjusted valuation from improvements.
Discover the funding gap for growth.
Optimise growth in  sales.

Instant information about how much is consumed by working capital during growth.
Adjust funding requirements for growth.
Adjust the relationship between profit and cash to always stay positive.
Discover the appropriate growth strategy.
Work out how much to borrow at current performance level.


/month billed annually

Everything in Grow
Cash flow improvement summary made up of key cash flow performance metrics to provide high level view for executives.
Key Working capital metrics and a visual presentation of comparison analysis between 
Cash flow profitability metrics with trend analysis and comparison of profit and cost.
Financial returns metrics to uncover Return on Invested Capital and the direction of your business strategy.
Cash flow funding requirements.
Operating cash flow and calculation of CFADS to determine debt repayments.




With all plans you can choose how many clients' financials to store with the tools at one time









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*No credit card required

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