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Case Study: How to renew your confidence for navigating your business finances during growth

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Company: Full-service design agency (Magnetic London Creative Services)

Industry: Business Services

When: April 2020

Why did you seek cash flow intervention?

I started my company a decade ago and I have managed to build a strong brand with operations in 2 countries. Our business has been structured carefully to give us a robust platform for future growth except for one weakness – I believed that I needed a stronger capability to manage the business finances and cash generated, being the CEO and the main decision-maker. 

With an MBA and a track record of leading my business successfully, I believed I could handle all the difficult challenges that entrepreneurs face. But there was this feeling that I needed to conquer the financial and cash flow side of the business better.

I felt I needed to get closer to our cash flow numbers, as we were winning more and more business.

What was the outcome of the engagement with BMIM Cash Flow? 

Bibi suggested the 90 days mentorship programme, so she could work on enhancing my understanding of cash flow and finances, using my businesses as a case study. She analysed our cash flow and produced a report.

Our sessions were around the results of the analysis and the interpretation of the true meaning behind them.

We used the results to challenge the business model and make improvements, wherever they were needed. 

After a few sessions, Bibi had also provided me with some background information, to bring my knowledge up to speed with the financial and cash flow terms and jargon. And it finally all started to make more sense to me. I finally started to feel closer to our numbers. I felt in "fuller" control of our finances and cash generated.

I could not be more appreciative of Bibi for her help and for the confidence I now feel about navigating my business finances and cash flow at the new level of my business' success. 

- Kaan Aydogmus, CEO, Magnetic London Creative Services

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