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About us


We are a team of professionals with a common purpose - to enhance executives' ability to make more money from operating their businesses.


Our sole focus is Cash Flow Improvement and we use analytics to uncover where the gaps are and to help businesses close those gaps.

We give you the tools and the insight about how to address your cash flow shortage.

How we do it

You are really going to like this...

We give you EASY processes and tools you can work with. Bonus, they are fun to use!


We also love asking questions. We listen ‘between the lines’ in order to figure out what your business needs so we can guide you towards the solutions. We can then work together on the implementation, or we can just sit in the background. The choice is yours.


Our solutions are a result of the collective intelligence. Our audience, our readers, our clients, our partners, they all contribute to the evolution of our solutions.


What makes us different

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We have recognised through experience that the language barrier between executives and money people prevents them from truly understanding what is going wrong in their businesses.

This is why we have created easy to use tool , simple processes and familiar strategies for executives who want to improve their cash flow, profits and boost their business value.

We help you see your business from the perspective of cash flow, because...

When you change the way you look at things, what you look at change

- Albert Einstein

Results to expect

More cash and higher returns from day one​

Understanding your business from cash flow perspective 

Full awareness of your business state and capabilities

Discover opportunities for cash generation and higher returns

Improved decision making and confidence of the outcome

No more blind spots in your business financials

Clarity about how cash flows through your business and where it's stuck

Improved management competence - set the example for leadership

More control - of your business and of your finances

Answers to your most pressing cash flow and returns questions

Improved cash flow, doubled business value and tripled return

Bibi's Story.jpg

Founder of BMIM Cash Flow

Bibi Martin has founded BMIM in 2011 to assist established SMEs in their transition – either growth or re-invention or rescuing for better success. BMIM Cash Flow is the finance division of BMIM, with a single purpose - to enhance CEOs ability to make more money when operating their businesses.

Bibi’s passion for cash flow goes a long way. Much of her focus goes to boosting executive’s ability to improve their businesses financial position.

Key facts about Bibi:

A few words from our clients

"Bibi came in to analyse our position, and to be honest, I couldn’t see how she could come up with a solution that I hadn’t already tried. I was sceptical, but she painstakingly analysed our business and it forced me to consider new and creative options to reshape our processes to tackle my frustrating position. I knew everything looked good on paper, but that didn’t hold any clues as to how we could become more liquid.

After a very short time, Bibi had forced me to let go of some of my entrenched perceptions of the business and we eventually reached our ‘eureka’ moment together.

We have now implemented a new internal system at no extra cost to the company, and while this will take a few more weeks to filter down, I know this is going to make the difference I was hoping for, and we could not be more grateful!"  


- Sue Nelson, CEO, Breakthrough Funding

If you are a CEO, a founder or a key executive and you'd like to address cash flow shortage in your business, or become more profitable and boost your business value  then this is the right place to be.

Sign up for our events to discover more about our work and to find out which offering is best suited for you to help you achieve the goals you've set out to achieve.

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