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Designed to inspire you to improvements to more 
cash flow, profit and business value whilst running your business

When you want to stay focused on keeping your cash flow healthy and improve your returns, the BMIM Cash Flow Improvement app is here to support you.

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What is BMIM Cash Flow App?

BMIM Cash Flow Improvement App is a set of 5 automated tools for measuring, improving and predicting your cash, profit and business value, as well as your returns. Now you can stay laser focused on improvement initiatives that create and keep your finances healthy. Each time you use it, you increase your chances boost your cash, profit and business value and returns, because you can identify issues before they manifest and identify trends as they manifest, so you can design improvements and predict.

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How BMIM Cash Flow App helps you create and run
cash flow generating, capital building and profitable business

Flexible and easy to use

You can get the app up and running in just a few seconds. Take copies of your most recent P&L and Balance Sheet, key in the financial data into the app, and discover your starting position.

See measurable results

After one year, the users of this method achieve 2 x cash flow rate and 10 x business value. The cash flow analytics within the app give you the insight about the financial health of your business - the key value drivers of your business. Every cash flow metric is automatically tracked, giving you transparency between the past and the future. No more shutting your eyes and hoping for the best outcome from your bold decisions.

Focus on your decisions

Instead of focusing on the money in your bank, the BMIM Cash Flow App helps you stay focused on the changes that influence the money in your bank. It helps you visualise how your decisions can move your business beyond the current financial situation. You can analyse scenarios around growth in sales, business deals, staff, new clients, discounts, business terms and let the app show you the options that keep your finance healthy and cash flow positive.


Money Multiplier for CEOs

This tool can calculate the impact of any change or decision on your cash and profit, and subsequently your business value. Use it for scenario analysis, when making business decisions and crafting and negotiating deals to stay positive. Deliberately make small changes that create big financial results. Learn more


Money for Growth

Discover if you are burning cash with growth to set the appropriate growth strategy. Plus, discover your funding gap and determine your funding requirements. Learn more



What's included in BMIM Cash Flow App?

5 tools

You will have all of the information about your current  financial position, about any improvement opportunities you could take right now to move beyond your current financial situation. All the possible outcomes of your current decisions.

Cash Flow Dashboard

Create the full cash flow picture of your current business - all 4 perspectives on cash flow with key metrics and graphical presentation of their relationships at your fingertips

Cash Flow Performance

Isolate cash flow from the rest of your business performance to see:

- potential issues before they manifest

- trends as they manifest

- improvement opportunities

Multiple company license

Depending on your subscription plan, you can get unlimited reports for as many companies as you want.

Your business through the lens of cash flow

With the Pro Package you can access and use all of our tools in one place and see your entire business through the lens of cash flow.

Cloud Based Access

You can access the app from any device that is connected to the internet.

Self-help resources

Learn from case studies, videos, books, a free eBook and many articles.

Premium tech support

You get 24/7 advanced customer and tech support.


Find the right plan for you


Access to all tools. Limited to using dummy data


/month billed annually

Instant info about your cash flow and profit performance.
Automated predictive cash flow improvements (work out your best deal).
Adjusted valuation from improvements. 
Discover the funding gap for growth.

Optimise growth in sales.
Instant information about how much is consumed by your working capital during growth.
Adjust funding requirements for growth.
Adjust the relationship between profit and cash to always stay cash positive.
Discover the appropriate growth strategy.
Work out how much you could borrow at the current performance level.



/month billed annually

Everything in Grow.
Cash flow improvement summary made up of key cash flow performance metrics to provide a high level view for executives. 
Key working capital metrics and visual presentation of comparison analysis between the key metrics.
Cash flow profitability metrics with trend analysis and comparison of profit and cost.
Financial returns metrics to uncover Return on Invested Capital and the direction of your business strategy.
Cash flow funding requirements.
Operating cash flow and calculation of CFADS to determine debt repayments.


If you are an adviser, please check out our packages for advisers 

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                                                                *No credit card required

Image by Tyler Franta

Anjni Shah

Finance Manager, Entura Ltd

Loving this tool still, and will be presenting it to the Board later today. I can show the Board why their decision is not good for us, financially. It saves having me to explain a lot, as they are not financial people.


Justin Fish

General Manager, Purcell Radio Systems Ltd

Detailed analysis of what I need to know when reading the accounts. I can now see what areas of the business I need to work on improving.

  • 🡻 Q: My clients are really diverse, I have start-ups and I have established businesses on my books. Can I use the Cash Flow Improvement programme on both?"
    A: Yes, you can. Cash Flow Improvement programme works for both, start-ups and established businesses. The programme helps start-up businesses find the optimum business model that generates more cash and profit. In case of established businesses, it helps improve cash flow and profit, significantly, year on year - at least double the cash flow and triple the average industry profitability.
  • 🡻 Q: I am not really confident speaking with people. Is this for me?
    A: Yes. We show you how to influence and engage with businesses, effectively. You will learn a process that will take your nerves away. Never look back again!
  • 🡻 Q: When can businesses expect to see results?
    A: Immediately, subject to following through with the programme.
  • 🡻 Q: How frequently can I run Cash Flow Improvement sessions?
    A: For smaller businesses, you can do annual Cash Flow Improvement sessions and for more sophisticated businesses you can do quarterly. Some businesses though prefer this to be done monthly, so in that case, you can use YTD figures and report them on a monthly basis. YTD data helps to mitigate any seasonal changes in your data.
  • 🡻 Q: What period is the reporting for?
    A: The reporting is for a 12 month period. So if you want to use quarterly or monthly reporting, use YTD financial figures.
  • 🡻 Q: How many people should I invite to the Cash Flow Improvement sessions?
    A: You should invite all decision makers, whose daily decisions affect cash and profit. In case of smaller businesses, having the sessions with the CEO only is sufficient, as they are the ultimate decision makers.
  • 🡻 Q: How long would it take me to create the Cash Flow Improvement reports for the businesses?
    A: The tools are automated. You will be able to create reports for businesses in less than10 minutes!
  • 🡻 Q: What do I need to create the Cash Flow Improvement reports?
    A: You’ll need the business’ financials for the past 3 years only. The rest is all worked out for you. You only input on one page and you create 11-page report, full of key metrics, graphs and guide interpretations!
  • 🡻 Q: How can I show businesses, in real time, the cash flow impact from their daily decision?"
    A: You can use the Impact of One tool, which is included in the Cash Flow Improvement tool. This tool allows you to show businesses how their decisions will impact on cash and profit at the end of the 12-month period. Your only input is changes in % or days in the 7 drivers of cash and profit.
  • 🡻 Q: Are there any strategies for Cash Flow Improvement I can use to suggest to businesses?
    A: The program comes with an extensive list of strategies for Cash Flow Improvement. You could use some or all of them, depending on the business model and depending on the type of problem you are trying to solve. We also conduct monthly workshops at £99 during which we cover the latest and most effective strategies we and others have used.
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