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Boost package

  • Evaluate options for best deals

  • Create and customise your deals to boost your financials

  • Instant information about your cash flow and profit performance

  • Adjusted financials from deals

  • Visibility of the time lag between your cash flow and profit

  • Automated predictive cash flow improvements

  • Automated business valuation

  • Adjusted valuation from improvements


per month billed annually
or £25.99/monthly

Growth package

  • All Boost Package features



  • Automated predictive funding gap

  • Crate and customise your sales growth

  • Instant information about how much is consumed by your working capital during growth

  • Adjusted funding requirements for growth



per month billed annually
or £36.99/monthly



What is the BMIM cash flow improvement app?

Our Cash Flow Improvement app is made of automated tools for measuring, improving and predicting your cash, profit and business value.

They take your financials one step further – they tell you if you cash flow performance is good and they show you the cash flow “leakage”.

Prediction of your cash flow, profit and business value is automated using cash flow analytics. You can predict accurately the effect any business change or decision has on your cash and profit. Then you can “track” your cash flow improvement initiatives.

Is it easy to use the Improvement app?

Yes – very easy. All tools are designed to be intuitive and user friendly. They are have detailed instructions of how to use and a self -help guide.

The only tool that requires more sophistication for interpreting the results is The Cash flow and value boost tool (available with the Pro subscription) . It is designed for Executives with intermediate financial knowledge and experience. If you want to enhance your knowledge and experience and make most of this tool you can book the Training for Executives.

Can I access BMIM Cash flow app on my tablet and mobile?

Yes, the BMIM Cash flow app is cloud based and you can access it using any device that is connected to the Internet e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop/PC. It can also work offline.

Does the BMIM Cash flow app integrate with other apps?

Integration with QB, Zero and other accounting apps is not useful for this app, because your financials often require adjustments for more accurate cash flow results and predictions.

Can I add more than one company?

Yes, and this depends on your subscription license.

A Single Company user license is for 1-2 users using up to 2 devices to login. Unlimited reports. You can get this license through the Business package.

A Multiple Company user license is for multiple users. Unlimited reports for each company. You can get this license through the Advisor’s package.


What are the system requirements for the BMIM Cash Flow Improvement app?

Our Cash Flow Improvement app is compatible with these browsers:





How to I sign up?

Sign up to Boost to gain access to Money Multiplier for CEOs tool

Sign up to Grow to gain access to Money Multiplier for CEOs and Money for Growth tools

What options do I have for my subscription?

You can choose between annual and monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time.

Is support included?

With BMIM Cash Flow Improvement app you get free support 24/7 from our customer support team.

If you have a question, use the ‘Ask us a question’ box in the right hand corner of our website.


How secure is the BMIM Cash Flow Improvement app?

We take the security of our customers’ data very seriously and we have measures in place to ensure it is safe and secure.

Where is my data held?

The only data that we hold on you is your subscription data, and the financial figures that you enter into our application. This data is held in our cloud-hosted servers in an encrypted database.

Will you pass my data to any third parties?

We will never sell your data or pass it onto 3rd parties for any means other than those which you have given permission for.

Will my data be private and safe?

The only data that we store is your subscription data, and company financials.

There is no personally-identifiable information being stored however we do treat your subscription and financials data as sensitive data.

Your subscription information and your financials are stored in our database which is protected by strict security mechanisms.

All data that is transferred to our servers is transferred over HTTPS.

Your subscription information and financials are encrypted at rest.

Your data is not shared with any other third party.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription and you are on a monthly rolling subscription, than your subscription will not renew the following month. If you however have annual subscription, this will carry on until the 12 expires.

Image by Tyler Franta

Anjni Shah

Finance Manager, Entura Ltd

Loving this tool still, and will be presenting it to the Board later today. I can show the Board why their decision is not good for us, financially. It saves having me to explain a lot, as they are not financial people.

Justin Fish

General Manager, Purcell Radio Systems Ltd

Detailed analysis of what I need to know when reading the accounts. I can now see what areas of the business I need to work on improving.

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