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Money for Growth is an automated tool for predicting the funding gap for growth

Growth sucks cash. Work out how much!

Predict with certainty

  • Identify the shortfall created by your next £100 of sales or any other sales number you have forecasted.

  • Gain insight into what you make in profit and what you invest in working capital.

  • Gain 100% certainty in your prediction.

Automated interaction without calculation

  • Interactive algorithms allow you to see how much money will sustain your business growth for any sales number you enter.

  • Automated financial ratios give you the power to predict with certainty.

  • The Money for Growth tool gives you full control over your input and confidence in the output.

Predict with little data

  • Make the best choices and decisions that will give deliver the optimal outcome.

  • Data comes directly from your financials. No masses of data or pattern monitoring are required.

  • Relationship between key components is captured to instantly present visible cause and effect.

Gain predictive intelligence in 4 easy steps

  1. Enter your financials.

  2. See the generated predictive model.

  3. Play around with your numbers.

  4. identify the money needed to achieve the growth you want.

What makes Money for Growth different from the other tools?

All other calculators and models only capture your profitability.

​Helps you see​ the investment in working capital and compare it to retained profits.

Shows you if you need to rely on other sources of finance to pay for your sales growth.

Easy access to certain predictions and instant and accurate information at anytime, anywhere!

Results to expect

% of our clients who have achieved these results


Improved accuracy in

growth prediction


Improved success

with borrowing


Secured finances

for growth

We promise that your expectations will be exceeded. And we will refund you fully, if they haven’t.

Predicting with 100% certainty during growth should be easy and simple!

Are you ready to predict with certainty?

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