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Make business decisions with ease, simplicity and information

The Money Multiplier for CEOs is an easy-to-use automated tool to work out the impact of your choices on cash flow and profit

Make business decisions with ease, simplicity and information

* No credit card required

Make decisions using accurate money information

  • Identify profitable options

  • Uncover where the money-making opportunities lie within your business

  • Scenario analysis with instant cash flow and profit numbers

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Interact without doing calculations

  • See the effect of each business decision

  • Drive improvements in your cash flow and profit

  • Evaluate multiple options without doing calculations

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Have confidence in your decisions

  • Detect potential losses

  • Adjust each decision to turn losses into profits

  • View the time lag between your cash flow and profit

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Automate your validation

  • Remove uncertainty about how much your business is worth

  • Automate your business valuation

  • View adjusted valuation from changes in your business

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What makes it different from other cash flow tools

Designed for non-finance CEOs who want to take charge of the financial performance of their business.

It is the only tool on the market with such powerful features that help you direct your creative thinking to keep your cash flow healthy and boost your business value.

Helps you link up every business decision with its impact on cash and profit and subsequently business value.

Helps you manage your business with cash flow and profit in mind.


 % of our clients have achieved 


Shift from negative to positive Cash Flow


Double business value


Cash Flow loss



Management team cohesion and full ownership of Cash Flow issues

We promise that your expectations will be exceeded. And we will refund you fully, if they haven’t.

Join the money experts

*No credit card required

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