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How to Maximise Your Cash Flow During Crises

Get the confidence you need to deal with the uncertainty during a crisis:

  1. Improving the efficiency of your business

  2. Improving the terms and requirements of trading

  3. Optimising the way you use your assets, including your people

  4. How you use the money your business earns


Available in digital and paperback format

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What this book is about...

The word “crisis” has a negative connotation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Stories of cash flow shortage, financial struggles, and bankruptcy are enough to make any executive fearful and worried about their business in times of crisis. "How to Maximise your Cash flow during Crises" gives you the confidence you need to deal with the uncertainty in a crisis. 

Packed with strategies, tools, case studies and guidelines, "How to Maximise your Cash flow during Crises" gives you practical advice from a money expert. Bibi Martin helps executives overcome the cash flow shortage and much more. By implementing the cash flow system presented here you will be able to maximise your cash flow in times of crisis so your business can move comfortably through something that is unpleasant for a period of time.

Using our best practices guarantees you more than surviving through crises - your business will come back strengthened from the challenges – with stronger relationships, more innovative and financially more robust. 

Whether your business is experiencing a crisis for the first time or you want to have a financially stronger business, this comprehensive guide contains secrets for maximising your cash flow.

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