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Best kept secrets for improving Cash Flow and boosting Business Value

FREE workshop for CEOs of established growing businesses with a business Cash flow expert.

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Various dates available
Rise London, 41 Luke St, London EC2A 4DP, UK

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Driven by demand and popularity, we are doing yet another workshop on enhancing Cash Flow and Business Value! Book now to grab your seat today!

Gain insight into what will really makes money in your business. Double your cash flow and your business value and triple your profitability.

FREE workshop for forward-looking CEOs of established growing businesses with a Business Cash flow expert.

Business money expert, Bibi Martin, will reveal to you the best kept secrets for improving cash flow and boosting business value. She will show you how to look at your business through the lens of cash flow and where to find the improvement opportunities. You will learn how to boost the value of your business and make money in the process.

If you really want to make more money from operating your business this is a must-attend. Click the button to register for attendance.

This is a practical and interactive workshop, with real-life examples and quizzes. You will learn the easy way of working out what your business is worth. We will demonstrate where to look for answers to money shortage and show you how to boost your cash flow, and profit. Your will learn how your every day decisions now are affecting your bank balance and business value in the future.

We’ll also take you through a few cash flow exercises, so you can put this into practice.

CEOs of established businesses will enhance their ability to make more money from operating their business. They will learn how to improve their current financial position (whatever that may be) and boost the value of their business. CEOs of startups will learn how to optimise their business model, so they are never out of cash.

There is a Q&A segment at the end of the workshop, just after the presentation. You will be able to ask the Business money expert your most pressing money questions, specific to your business. Bibi will give you guidance, in real-time, so you will be clear about the next logical steps to take, that are unique to the situation you are in.

Cash flow is not a problem. It is an indicator that there are opportunities for improvement in the way you run your business and it tells you where those opportunities are. Learn how to look at your business through the lens of cash flow.

Join us to find out the latest formula for boosting cash flow and business value!


  • Business value is a critical issue – people overvalue their business.
  • Cash flow shortage is a sign that you can improve the way you run your business. Find out HOW.
  • You want to make more money from operating your business.
  • You want to discover why finances are not the way you really want them to be.
  • Learn what will give you a short-term pay-back with a long-term effect.
  • You want to increase the value of your business in the years to come and want to know HOW.
  • Or…maybe you are just curious to find out what your business is worth right now.


  • How to assess what your business is worth, the easy way.
  • How to boost the value of your business and make money in the process.
  • How to identify the money shortfall created by growth.
  • How to discover what really makes money in your business.
  • Get instant answers to your most pressing questions.
  • Gain clarity about the problems that are unique to the situation you are in.
  • Recognise when there is a cash flow issue and how to discover where it is hidden.
  • Learn the key drivers of cash and business value. Discover the code of your business – your Money Multiplier!


Register to secure your slot. Limited seats per workshop. To sign up easily go to TICKETS section below.

Please note that due to the interactive and practical nature of this workshop, we have to limit the number of seats. Register now to grab your seat!

"Bibi was really knowledgeable and she had enthusiasm for the subject. Also the prices of her services were very reasonable." - Kostas Kapelas, Director - Head Health Practitioner

"Great advice given during the workshop! Clear spoken + great advice given" - Nicola Hilliard, Accountant

"It was a well-structured, well organised event. A lot of theoretical and practical information we got. It's worth participating, because Bibi's knowledge is huge and useful for business owners!" - Susanna Toth, Managing Director

"I found the event very useful to understand cash flow and how/where to identify problem" - Yvonne Roberts, Owner

Great talk putting finance into a simple, easy to digest package" - Sharif Mohamed, Head of Affiliates

"An eye opener! New view of cash flow" - Jim Lanas, Founder-CEO

" Eye opening: Understanding how cash flow works and how to look more closely at my finances" - Otoabasi Umonting, Digital Marketing Consultant


Bibi Martin, Business Cash Flow expert

Bibi Martin founded BMIM in 2011 to assist established SMEs in their transition – either growth or re-invention or rescuing for better success. BMIM Cash Flow is the finance division of BMIM, with a single purpose - to enhance CEOs ability to make more money when operating their businesses.

Bibi and her team have helped hundreds of CEOs improve their cash flow and generate greater returns. We are passionate about enabling businesses to gain financial independence, and we have made this affordable. Our background is in cash flow management and finance within fast growth SME environment. We’ve always been part of the SME world and we know how to deliver measurable results time and time again.

Key facts about Bibi:

  • Business Cash Flow Expert
  • Author of How to Double your Cash Flow overnight
  • Founder of BMIM
  • Founder of BMIM Cash Flow
  • Dedicated 14+ years to working with CEOs to enhance their ability to make more money when operating their businesses.

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  • Thurs 29th Oct 9.45 to 12.00
  • Thurs 30th Nov 9.45 to 12.00

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