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New tool revealed: How to work out if your cash flow is inadequate in 10 minutes?...Even if you're not a 'numbers person'!

"Brilliant tool. I can now start to visualise how my cash is burning!"                                                 

"Thank you for the clarity. Very helpful tool. Straightforward and easy to use."

60% of growing businesses have inadequate cash flow – is your business one of them?​


If cash feels tight in your growing business, this cash flow tool is right for you. Here we show you how and why your growing business has inadequate cash flow and what you need to do to fix it.​


BMIM is giving you a tool that is so powerful that you can quickly work out if your cash is burning faster than you are growing. And if you keep using it it will yield the cash abundance you have been looking for. CEOs who have put this tool in practice have noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in their cash flow. When CEOs use this tool they have more clarity about their cash flow performance than any book they read or any course they attend.


You will see how your cash flow is burning and you'll be inspired to make changes. CEOs really enjoy the process, they love how easy this cash flow tool is and they get to the information instantly. We promise you, it will increase your management competence and it will become the central focus of your financial management, even if you are not ‘numbers person’.  


The sooner you understand that your business holds all the answers to your cash flow problems, the sooner you'll be able to take control over your cash. The myth that your Accountant or your FD knows all the answers, is no longer the ultimate solution to your cash flow problem. It is your understanding of how your decisions impact cash flow, that will give you the results you're looking for.

Now, go ahead, give it a try…see how it goes. We guarantee that if you download this tool and use it in your business very soon you will be a way further ahead with your cash flow. You can start sleeping better at night.


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Cash Flow Performance Tool

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BMIM Cash flow: the finance arm of BMIM, works with people like you, CEOs of established growing businesses to uncover why and how your business is short of cash and what you can to do to fix it. We give you the knowledge and the tools you need to improve your cash flow performance and we assist you along the way. The reason why we do what we do is that we are passionate about enabling businesses to gain financial independence, and we have made this affordable. Our background is in cash flow management and finance within fast growth SME environment. We've always been part of the SME world and we know how to deliver measurable results time and time again.

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