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Make your impact on a business, financially
Learn to advise like a true cash flow expert. Keep cash flow healthy 


Anjni Shah

Finance Manager, Entura Ltd

"Loving this tool still, and will be presenting it to the Board later today. I can show the Board why their decision is not good for us, financially. It saves having me to explain a lot, as they are not financial people."


When Anjni decided to attend our How to get CEOs to make more money workshop, she was employed as a Finance Manager for 4 months only. She was brought in by the Board to help the business improve its financial situation. Although the business grew in revenue by 27% and it had 600K cash in the bank, it 30% of the revenue was in the hands of clients. 

The Board knew something wasn’t right, but they didn’t know what or where. They had gone to the bank to ask for a loan, as the flow of cash was not following the same trend as the flow of profits and they needed to invest in working capital to finance the next level of sales. 

The cash flow improvement opportunities

The first thing Anjni did when she joined the company was paying off the loan. She knew the businesses had the capacity to sustain itself without the loan, but she needed more clarity on HOW. She couldn’t uncover where the real cash flow issue was and she wanted to find ways to discover what was holding the company back. 

At the workshop she discovered immediately that our Cash Flow and Business Value Boost tool would give her exactly what she was looking for - the key financial information to identify where the cash flow issues were and how to fix them. She was so eager to use this tool and make her work so much easier, by not having to calculate anything. She was keen on creating major impact on the businesses by helping the company uncover and solve the cash flow issues.    


Anjni bought the tool just after the training session and practised using it for a few days before she presented it to the Board. She was able to show the Board not only what the full cash flow picture of the business looked like (and what Banks are looking at) but also why their decisions are not making the money they had hoped for and what needed to change. 
Major financial turnaround is on its way. The business is making the improvements and the improvements are already delivering significant results. Anjni on the other hand has since earned a promotion to a Finance Director. 

Your impact on a business, the easy way

Ready to use the Cash Flow and Business Value Boost tool to identify cash flow improvement opportunities and help your client make more money? The report generated with this tool will uncover the hidden cash flow issues and show you where cash is made most in a business. You can create success for businesses and yourself.

Buy the Cash Flow and Business Value Boost tool and start advising like a true cash flow expert.

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