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5 reasons why the Cash Flow and Business Value Boost tool is the accelerator of your career as Finance Professional

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If you are visiting this page it means that you want to continue to invest in your development and you need help with it. You want brighter future and/or you want to accelerate your career and you want to know how our tool can help you achieve this. 

Development and upskilling is like exercise. Everyone preaches about why we should do it. Yet when it comes to ourselves, we have a problem where we’re biased to our own reasons as to why we can’t do it.

Here are 5 simple reasons why our Cash Flow and Business Value Boost tool is your career accelerator:

You want to be really good at what you do

When people ask what you do for living you tell them that you are in Finance or Accounting, right? Straight away they think, you must be really good with money. But is that so?

Keeping the books tidy is just part of the equation. Businesses are expecting help from you with finances, to help them make more money, help them improve their financial situation. They are expecting you to report on key financials and interpret them in a way that they can understand. 

And you want to live up to expectations, right?

Our tool does half of the job for you, with no or minimum effort. It helps you take the financials beyond P&L and Balance Sheet. It gives you visibility over every area of a business, wherever money flows. It helps you see where money is held up and more importantly, it helps you identify ways for improving the financial situation of any business. 

You want your competence to be recognised

Money people have advantage over others – they see businesses through the lens of money. This is the case with bankers, investors, business angels etc. 

As an “insider” and a close ally to a business, CEOs expect you of you to help them see what you see. They don’t understand numbers, per se, so they are entrusting you with their finances. After all, you are not attached emotionally to a business like they are, so it is easier for you to be objective in your approach.   

The report you can generate from using our tool will do the job for you. It gives a full picture of cash flow, profit and business value of a business. The numbers are presented in tables and graphs for easy visualisation and interpretation. It is a 13-page report, extracted by pressing a button, populated with key financial information you can use to report to CEOs and Boards. This report will help you demonstrate your competence to a business. 

You want stronger engagement with a business or even win new business 

Knowing how to engage with businesses and key decision makers is valuable skill for any finance professional. We see finance professionals unable to engage with CEOs. They say “That’s sales. I cannot do that!” 

The report you create with this tool will help you with this. It gives you a framework to follow when speaking with key decision makers. It guides your conversation around the numbers and they key information you want to communicate. 

You can adjust the level of detail you want to go into, whilst staying high level. This will help you retain their attention and focus.

You want to earn more 

Like with everything else, prices go down. Whether you are working for a business or working with business, the earning power goes down over time, unless you can demonstrate value over and above what others are doing.

When you create insightful reports, interpret key financial information, help businesses improve their financial position you will be creating so much value. As a result you will be able to charge more for it, and with good reason.

You want to stand out from the rest

It is very competitive market out there. There are not as many lucrative opportunities as there are people climbing towards them. Yet, what’s interesting is that very few us think of how we can make ourselves stand out from the rest. And this is not easy, I know.  

We keep doing courses and they seem to cover the same stuff. 

This is where you have the opportunity to define a niche space for yourself. Using this tool and learning to advise on cash flow improvement will make you business money expert. You will start doing what every business will expect you to do and provide value far greater than what they’d received from anyone thus far.

Cash Flow Improvement tool

It is never too late to start something new, something that will accelerate your career and bring future success into the now. 


Buy the Cash Flow and Business Value Boost tool and start building a brighter future for CEOs and yourself

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