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BMIM Cash Flow Improvement Tools

Get the key financial information so you can make choices that generate more money and increase your business value

Money for Growth Calculator

How much money do you need for your next 100 of sale?

Get instant results about the cash you need for your new sales. The Money for Growth calculator will show you how much money your business needs to sustain its growth.


No need for calculation. Simply key in your financials and the calculation will be done for you automatically. And your working capital will be factored in.


You will be able to plan better and achieve more surprises! No more unexpected spending!

Impact of one

What is the impact of your choices on money?

This easy-to-use automated tool is designed to make money decisions easier for CEOs. It will help you

  • Select the choices that will make you most money

  • Create more opportunities for making money

  • Improve your financial situation

  • Enhance your management competence

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How are our tools different?

Our tools take your financials produced by accounting software and convert the data into key money information.They capture the relationship between the drivers of money, specific to your business.  


Our tools have one purpose: to help you uncover the full money picture of your business, its potential and limitations, as well as the blind spots.


With this information CEOs will know what will make them more money and where they can make most money. You can start improving your cash, profit and business value, generated by the business internally.  

Who are they for?

Our tools have been created with a busy, non-finance CEOs of growing businesses in mind. They are most useful to those who seek accurate and complete financial information anytime, anywhere, so they can make quality decisions. 


Our tools are valuable to those who are concerned with the financial well-being of the firm and whose decisions make or spend money every day.


Growth sucks cash and cash is generated by the money making engine of your business. Make this engine work for you and the growth of your business

Anjni Shah

Finance Manager, Entura Ltd

"Loving this tool still, and will be presenting it to the Board later today. With this tool, you are able to read your business from a different perspective, and being able to use this to aid with senior decision making"


Justin Fisher

General Manager, Purcell Radio 

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