About Us

Business Owners are great at creating a product, selling that product, providing value to people and markets. BUT what they are often lacking is the ability to use financials to support their business, truly understanding the numbers of their business. This is why they turn to finance people, but often find the language incomprehensible and foreign. 

P&L and Balance Sheet reports don’t give you the information that tells you why your cash flow is tight or not getting better. So you feel uncertain and ask your Accountant for clarity, only to find yourself misunderstood and you still feel you can’t get to the core of the issue. There is a Finance language barrier between Founders/Business Owners and Accountants, and the vicious cycle continues.

This is where we come in. We convert the data from your financial reports into information you can now use to make business decisions with certainty and simplicity. Our intention is to help you convert each decision into actual Cash and Profit figure, so you can see the consequences of your decisions on Cash Flow. This is how you become focused on driving Cash Flow Improvements.

Our intention is not to teach you how to become an Accountant. We give you the tools and the insight for you to become a more competent manager of your business. Cash flow is the fuel of your business, so you need to know when and where your fuel stations are and how to make most of them.

How do we do things

You are really going to like this....you are really going to understand this.... this is really easy....

We give you EASY processes and tools you can work with. They are fun to use!


And we ask questions. We love asking questions. We listen ‘between lines’. We can figure out, pretty good, what you are looking for and we guide you where to find the answers. And then, if needed, we work together on the implementation, or we just sit in the background. The choice is yours.

We love being pragmatic. We love making Cash Flow Improvement easy and fun for CEOs.


Our solutions continue to evolve. We love learning every day. Our solutions are a result of the collective intelligence. Our audience, our readers, our clients, our partners, they all contribute to the evolution of our solutions.

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What is different, at the CORE?

External sources of finance and skills exist to bridge the knowledge gap. WE EXIST to close this gap and enhance your UNDERSTANDING of how to generate more MONEY from your business operation.

It is our dominant intent to empower CEOs with easy to use TOOLS, simple PROCESSES, strategies and GUIDANCE to improve their cash, profit and boost business value.

Our focus is on increasing AWARENESS and closing the KNOWLEDGE GAP about money and finance that currently exists in CEOs of growing businesses. 


We shine the light on your business from the perspective of cash flow and we are encouraging you to do the same, because….

You will begin to see WHY and HOW you are short of cash. And then with our guidance and using our tools and process your cash flow will start to improve. Your knowledge gap about money will close and your SMARTer money DECISIONS will cause your business to generate more money. Your awareness will increase to the point when you can run on YOUR OWN. No needing to rely on anyone else for money. Your business will become the main source of money for growth.


Relying on external sources of finance should be a temporary solution to your cash flow shortage. It is our intention to help businesses become financially independent and gain the financial balance that they are seeking.


We help you generate more money from your business operation, increase your returns and boost the value of your business, year on year.

What will you experience with us?

You manage to release the confusion or the frustration you once had. Leaders start taking different perspective on the cash flow problems in their business.  It is so good to know that!

You are on a treasure hunt! And we point you in the direction of where those treasures are. We know and we understand where and how cash can flow faster into your business, generated from your business.

Our model is unique. It works for our clients because we give you most amazing transformational experience. You gain clarity about cash flow in your businesses. You feel sure and certain. You have a strong sense of knowing. You feel inspired!

Your results

We are having a great success with increasing cash flow and returns for businesses. We love showing you how you can be more successful. 


Here is just a fraction of what you will be getting:

  • MORE CASH from Day One! MORE RETURNS from Day One.

  • Understand your business from cash flow perspective.

  • Improved ability to discover opportunities for cash generation and improving returns.

  • Changed perspective when you look at your business – your focus will shift from the problem to the solutions and opportunities.

  • You will be more informed, more aware of what’s going on in your business – in all areas of your business.

  • Improved decision making: you will have the key information to make informed decisions about your business now and in the future; and you will now know how your decisions affect cash flow.

  • Clarity about how cash flows through your business and where it is stuck.

  • Visibility and transparency of all areas in your business: no more blind spots.

  • Improved management competence: you will be the example that everybody looks up to and tries to follow its leadership.

  • Control, more control over your finances and your business in general

  • Answers to your most pressing questions about cash flow and returns from your business.

  • Cash Flow Improvement, doubling your business value and tripling your returns


You are right…..that is a lot of value and transformational experience you are getting.

A few words from our clients...

"Bibi came in to analyse our position, and to be honest, I couldn’t see how she could come up with a solution that I hadn’t already tried. I was sceptical, but she painstakingly analysed our business and it forced me to consider new and creative options to reshape our processes to tackle my frustrating position. I knew everything looked good on paper, but that didn’t hold any clues as to how we could become more liquid.

After a very short time, Bibi had forced me to let go of some of my entrenched perceptions of the business and we eventually reached our ‘eureka’ moment together.

We have now implemented a new internal system at no extra cost to the company, and while this will take a few more weeks to filter down, I know this is going to make the difference I was hoping for, and we could not be more grateful!"  


- Sue Nelson, CEO, Breakthrough Funding

How can I improve my Cash Flow?

If you are a business owner, and a senior decision maker or a senior executive, and you believe you have cash flow issues that you would like to address internally, then this is the right place to be.

We're the only company that deals with Cash Flow Improvement and we use analytics in order to uncover where the gaps are and to help businesses close those gaps.

Sign up for our events to discover what is it all about, how we go about things and what offering is best suited for you to help you achieve the goals that you are set out to achieve.