Money Multiplier for CEOs

Simplifying your decision-making

Easy-to-use automated tool to work out the impact of your choices on Cash and Profit in your business

Better choices

Use this tool for selecting the choices that will make you most money. You can translate each decision into an exact cash and profit number before making commitments.

More choices

Use this tool to generate more opportunities for making money. You can see instantly which area in your business gives you most money and returns.

More money

Use this tool to multiply the cash your business is making. The more you use this tool, the more you focus on making money, the more money flows to and through your business.

Turn business decision into money information instantly

From download to information in 4 steps

1. Input numbers

2. See Multipliers

3. Play around

4. View effect


From your Financial Statement

Identify the unique Money Multipliers for your business

Assess different scenarios by playing with the Multipliers

See the effect of your decision on Cash and Profit

No Finance knowledge required

Enhanced management competence

With each decision you make, you gain more confidence in your money management capability. Money people will no longer be able to take advantage of you.

Smart decisions

on the go...

No more waiting on others for information.

Use this tool to gain key financial information, anytime and anywhere.

Accurate Strategic Projections

Predict with accuracy the financial implication of the choices you are making. With each decision you make, you trigger one or more drivers of cash and/or profit. This tool shows you by how much your money is gonna go up and down.

Cash Flow Improvement Automation

Designed for non-finance CEOs who want the power of cash flow improvement automation, without any of the calculation headaches. ​

No other tool like this on the market

There is no Finance softwares or any other tool on the market that provides the functionalities of The Impact of One.

How is The Impact of One tool different?

This is how "done-for-you" will look like

Since you need cash to operate your business, you can now predict with accuracy, the shortfall your choices are likely to create and you can put plans to mitigate undesired financial situations.


​Or in case of having lots of lucrative opportunities, you can see which one will give you most money.

Decision Intelligence

  • Quality decisions

  • Better choices

  • Blind spots uncovered

  • Complete money info

  • Instant insight

  • Automation

Anjni Shah

Finance Manager, Entura Ltd

"Loving this too still, and will be presenting it to the Board later today. I can show the Board why their decision is not good for us, financially. It saves having me to explain a lot, as they are not financial people."

Justin Fish

General Manager, Purcell Radio Systems Ltd

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