Become a Cash Flow Improvement Expert

Finally, you will have a step-by-step process for helping businesses (and yourself) generate more money from their operation, using the BMIM Cash Flow simple tools, easy processes and creative strategies

This brief 8-minute video explains our programme. Or for more details continue reading below.


You can use this programme for:

  • Small businesses (trading and active)

  • More sophisticated businesses (£2m + turnover)

  • Established businesses (£250k – £2m turnover)

  • Any business model

  • Any industry

  • Businesses in debt

  • Businesses using factoring facilities

  • Profitable businesses, but short of cash

  • Any many more…..

Your goal is to make money and retain business. Becoming a Cash Flow Improvement expert will add to your earnings, at least 20% - 50% on top of what you earn.

Businesses are expecting you to help them with cash flow anyway. This is one area they need most help with (just look at the stats for reasons why businesses fail, cash flow is a #1 reason for business failure) and you are perfectly positioned to help. CEOs come to you, as the expert for all financial matters, for all cash flow problems, they have so you need a mechanism for Cash Flow Improvement.

You might have noticed that businesses are asking for more value nowadays, value beyond statutory duties and some financial reporting. They want you to be their partner for business finances. And we do not mean just a software they could use, they need human to create a strategic value.

So you need to learn how to create a mechanism for Cash Flow Improvement, using the BMIM Cash Flow tools and processes.

The BMIM Cash Flow Improvement tools help you go beyond filing of accounts. They give you analytics to help you uncover the cash flow gaps. You can also discover the "code of the business" and where you can make tweaks to double the cash flow rate. They are really simple and easy to use.

Our Cash Flow Improvement processes help you create instant credibility and trust and build strong relationships with people. You will be able to create solutions for making more money for businesses and yourself and you will have a lot of fun in the process.

So how do you do that?

Fortunately, that's exactly what you are going to learn.

That's what we are showing you today

More specifically, with this programme you will learn:


  • How to help your businesses generate more cash and profit, with the BMIM Cash Flow
    tools and processes.

  • How to produce analytics, in less than 10 minutes, to show your businesses their full cash flow picture.

  • How to use the Impact of One tool to create strategic projections and help businesses understand the drivers needed to achieve that projection.

  • Show businesses the change in cash and profit from their decisions, in real time.

  • Learn the latest and most successful strategies for Cash Flow Improvement

  • How to run effective Cash Flow Improvement meetings with businesses (even if you have never chaired a meeting before).

  • Learn to engage with busineses in a way that will hold their focus and you are understood…even by a non-finance person.

  • How to show value and earn more trust, instantly.

  • How to develop a process where everyone will look at the business in the same way.

  • Give leaders clarity, not confusion.

  • Become a ‘real’ strategic partner of the firm.

  • Create an environment of clarity, certainty, accuracy and knowing. 

  • Create transparency and consistency.

  • Learn how to become a cash flow story teller and engage businesses fully.

  • Take charge of the meeting, focus the conversation on what matters.

  • Learn how else you can make more money from what you do.


Businesses who want to grow need more cash.

Businesses need cash to survive.

Businesses need money to become debt free.


You cannot help businesses generate more cash flow by producing, filing and auditing accounts. You cannot even help by teaching them how to use software to track money in and out.

In short, the Cash Flow Improvement Programme

will help you make more money for businesses and yourself


deliver a huge value to businesses.

Are you just a cash flow observer? Or are you a Cash Flow Improver?


(Or, why is becoming the expert in Cash Flow Improvement best for you?)

Let's be frank here, there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Advisers and Accountants out there (we include all finance professionals here).  How do you distinguish yourself from the rest?

How can you show value, over and above (and earn more) without taking another lengthy course, reading more books or studying new subject matters? 

At BMIM Cash Flow, we do not just show you how to help businesses generate more cash and profit. We do this ourselves, day in and day out.

And in truth, the reason we’ve created this programme is to show Advisers and Accountants how they can create more value for businesses, using their existing knowledge they already have and in a way that it is understood by the business, fully.

The Cash Flow Improvement programme is the best kept secret, you will discover. Businesses want you to be their partner; they come to you for answers to their cash flow problems. Why not seize this opportunity and make money for them and yourself? 

We know that skilled people who create this type of value for businesses, are really rare. We know that there is a huge gap in this area - a lot of demand and no or very little offering.


Accountants and Advisers do not consider analytics as their work. And software is terrible at analytics. So businesses have a huge blind spot in this area.

We built processes, ebook, tools, the entire BMIM Cash Flow business unit to teach and advice people how to use analytics to create more cash, profit and business value. We do not want to do anything else, but improve cash flow, profit and value of businesses. 

A plan plus tools plus strategies

for a lifetime use

So how does this all work?


The BMIM Cash Flow Improvement programme is 2 hours long. It gives you:


  • Instant access to the Cash Flow Improvement tool; 

  • A user guide for how to use the tool and interpret the analytics;

  • Process for running effective Cash Flow Improvement business meetings;

  • Strategies for Cash Flow Improvement;

  • A step-by-step guide taking you through to the process  for improving businesses' cash flow and profit.

  • Training for how to engage in communication with businesses to earn more money or sell your next service.


It has 2 sample reports to help you see the results of the tool in action. It has case studies of how it has been used.

The programme is designed for intermediate and advanced level Advisers and Accountants, as well as finance professionals employed by firms. By the end of this programme, you will be able to get your hands on the businesses' case and help them generate more cash flow and profit. 




After you have completed the programme, it is important to practice the use of BMIM Cash Flow's tools and processes. This will help you gain more confidence and be more effective in your Cash Flow Improvement intentions. 

Pick a business that has a rich cash flow picture, i.e. a business with Working Capital, such as services, manufacturing, retailers, importers etc. Then take business' financials and input them onto the tool. 

In less than 10 minutes, you will be able to see the full cash flow picture. Study this carefully, so you can fully understand the gaps within it. See where improvements could be made to transform the cash flow picture of the business.

By the end of step 2, you would have fully understood how to create the value for businesses, you have intended to. You would have understood the business in more detail, and where changes could create a lot of money.

Sounds like a really good place to be in,

doesn't it?


This is the most exciting part. This is when you show to businesses the real transformative experience you are going to create for them. Cash will not be the same from this day forward. 

The business will walk away with a greater understanding of their cash flow position. They will have clarity on what they need to do to improve their cash flow.

Businesses will love you for what you are giving them. They can see with clarity and understand completely where they are and what needs to happen to improve their cash flow position.


They will find this process really simple and easy! And you will be fully understood. What else do you want?



What you get?

When you sign up today you receive instant access to:

The Cash Flow Improvement programme (Sign up for the next slot, available from 1st September 2018).

Cash Flow Improvement reporting tool

Sample reports

Case Studies
2 hours of video content

Programme details

Enrolment: £397

Level: Intermediate and Advance

Prerequisites: Microsoft Excel

Setting: Online/virtual (downloadable content for offline work)

Programme length: 2 hours

Expected completion time: 0.5 day - 1 day

WHO should become Cash Flow Improvement Expert?


Accountants from Accounting Practices


CFOs, Finance Directors and Finance Manager (as employees)

Finance professionals working towards Director’s position

Finance professionals thinking on setting up their own practice

Or any other finance professional who wants to learn how to improve the cash flow, profit and value of a business

WHY should you become Cash Flow Improvement Expert?


Accountants from Accounting Practices

If you are an Accountant working for or owning a practice, then you could be adding a huge value to your clients by helping them improve their cash flow. And we do not mean just one off, you could be helping your clients double their cash flow rate year on year.

Your client will love you and they will be willing to pay for the extra work you are now doing for them.

You could earn £1,500 for 2-3 hours' work to set strategies for your client. Multiply this by the number of clients to work out the amount of recurring revenue you could generate year on year. 

More money for your client, more money for you and your practice.

You could win back your lost clients when you show them what else you could do for them now.


Advisory industry is so complex. Using the BMIM Cash Flow tools and processes for Cash Flow Improvement makes this really easy and simple. You can convey your messages easily and be understood…even by a non-numbers person. 

You can create transformative experience for your new and existing clients when you show them how you can make more money for them. You can strengthen your client’s financial position and make them stronger as a business. 

All of this value you can create for businesses will create new opportunities for you to make money and earn recurring revenue:

  • use the analytics generated by the tool to get in a new business and then sell your other services.

  • add 20% - 50% on top of your retainer for Cash Flow Improvement analytics and strategies.

  • keep clients longer.

  • start a new conversation by asking if they are already doing this work and then use the step-by-step process given in this programme to make this into a recurring revenue.


CFOs, Finance Directors and Finance Manager (as employees)

Every finance person in an organisation should know how to improve the cash flow position of a business. You should be able to understand the full cash flow picture of the company and you should be able to make finance easy for all decision makers in the organisation. 

You must create an environment where everyone in the business looks at the business in the same way. 

And make finance, not just the responsibility of the finance department, but responsibility of every person on the money team – Marketing, Operations etc.  


Finance professionals working towards Director’s position

If you are finance professional and you want to climb the ladder to the top, there is no better way than showing your employer a way to increase their cash and profit (and the value of the business). You will earn a salary uplift (or a well-deserved bonus) and you will gain the respect of your superiors (and peers). 

This will be the most valuable £397 you will ever invest in your development. Why? Because you will keep yielding its benefits year after year. 

Finance professionals thinking on setting up their own practice

If you are thinking of setting up your own business, you need to show your prospective clients how you differentiate yourself from the rest. What value you give over and above the other advisers. 

This programme will help you show your clients the real value you can create for them, fast. It will help you win new business and make more money per business.

About Bibi Martin and BMIM Cash Flow

When we started BMIM Cash Flow we were amazed to see that there is no other business that shows practical, simple and easy way to Cash Flow Improvement. 


Most companies out there are focused on producing software for creating accounts and some are forecasting cash flow. But there is nothing out there to show people, in an easy way to drive Cash Flow Improvement. There is nothing out there with automated analytics and a process for putting them to work.


We teach you exactly what we deliver for our clients, day in and out. We only want to deal with Cash Flow Improvement - produce content, give advice, answer questions, give practical tools and easy processes.


If you want to learn how to improve cash flow for a business, you are in the right place.




Become a Cash Flow Improvement Expert

Help businesses make more money, they will love you!

About your instructor


I remember my first success with Cash Flow Improvement. Initially, I focused on releasing cash from debtors and then extended my focus onto the whole money cycle. I was able to boost the profits and the bank account significantly.

I had so much fun in the process! I loved discovering and improving the drivers of cash, profits and business value. The bank manager loved us!

I had completely transformed the cash flow picture of the businesses.


12 years on, I am focusing on cash flow even more. I love cash flow management. I love discovering new ways businesses can generate more cash from their operations. It is my objective to make this the most valuable £397 you will ever spend.

If you decide, after 60 days, that this programme isn’t for you, and you think it’s been oversold and it doesn’t deliver the value that you'd hoped for, we will give you a full refund.

If you want to help businesses make more money, and you want to make more money for yourself in the process, you need to enrol in this programme.

Become a Cash Flow Improvement Expert

Help businesses make more money, they will love you!

🡻 Q: My clients are really diverse, I have start-ups and I have established businesses on my books. Can I use the Cash Flow Improvement programme on both?

A: Yes, you can. Cash Flow Improvement programme works for both, start-ups and established businesses. The programme helps start-up businesses find the optimum business model that generates more cash and profit. In case of established businesses, it helps improve cash flow and profit, significantly, year on year - at least double the cash flow and triple the average industry profitability.

🡻 Q: When can businesses expect to see results?

A: Immediately, subject to following through with the programme.

🡻 Q: How frequently can I run Cash Flow Improvement sessions?

A: For smaller businesses, you can do annual Cash Flow Improvement sessions and for more sophisticated businesses you can do quarterly. Some businesses though prefer this to be done monthly, so in that case, you can use YTD figures and report them on a monthly basis.

🡻 Q: What period is the reporting for?

A: The reporting is for a 12 month period. So if you want to use quarterly or monthly reporting, use YTD financial figures.

🡻 Q: How many people should I invite to the Cash Flow Improvement sessions?

A: You should invite all decision makers, whose daily decisions affect cash and profit. In case of smaller businesses, having the sessions with the CEO only is sufficient, as they are the ultimate decision makers.

🡻 Q: How long would it take me to create the Cash Flow Improvement reports for the businesses?

A: The tools are automated. You will be able to create reports for businesses in less than10 minutes!

🡻 Q: What do I need to create the Cash Flow Improvement reports?

A: You’ll need the business’ financials for the past 3 years only. The rest is all worked out for you. You only input on one page and you create 11-page report, full of key metrics, graphs and guide interpretations!

🡻 Q: How can I show businesses, in real time, the cash flow impact from their daily decision?

A: You can use the Impact of One tool, which is included in the Cash Flow Improvement tool. This tool allows you to show businesses how their decisions will impact on cash and profit at the end of the 12-month period. Your only input is changes in % or days in the 7 drivers of cash and profit.

🡻 Q: Are there any strategies for Cash Flow Improvement I can use to suggest to businesses?

A: The program comes with an extensive list of strategies for Cash Flow Improvement. You could use some or all of them, depending on the business model and depending on the type of problem you are trying to solve. We also conduct monthly workshops at £99 during which we cover the latest and most effective strategies we and others have used.

🡻 Q: I am not really confident speaking with people. Is this for me?

A: Yes. We show you how to influence and engage with businesses, effectively. You will learn a process that will take your nerves away. Never look back again!

Frequently Asked Questions


Bonus for joining today

Cash Acceleration tool and techniques used by recognised companies.

How can you use these techniques for businesses and turn around their cash position.

1. Cash Flow Improvement tool and instructions for how to use this tool.

Why statutory accounts (and cash flow forecast) are not sufficient for Cash Flow Improvement?

Why Cash Flow Improvement is PERFECT for earning more money (for you and businesses).

Key metrics to uncover the full profitability picture (and its gaps).

Key metrics to uncover the working capital picture (and its gaps).

How to uncover the strategy deployed by the business? And how to change this for the better…

Key metrics to uncover funding strength (and enhance the relationship with the bank manager).

How to measure, in real time, the impact of the business' decision on the cash and profit.



2. Process for running Cash Flow Improvement sessions

How to suggest where the improvements should be made.

How to tap into the solutions for Cash Flow Improvement ideas, strategies and ‘eureka’ moments for a specific business (and all unique problems their business has)

Why it is important to know how to lead the Cash Flow Improvement sessions?

Engage the business fully in Cash Flow Improvement (and watch the results!)

‘Listen’ between lines.

Make cash flow turnaround a fun game.

3. Strategies for Cash Flow Improvement


Practical ideas for changing prices, volume, direct cost and overheads.

Strategies for changing debtors days, creditors days and inventory days….that really work.

More cash.

More profit.

More returns.



4. Creating recurring revenue (or earning a pay rise and a promotion)


Opening up the conversation (even if it has been a while).

Trust building communication.

Running a discovery.

Delivering the first session (meeting).

What’s the result we expect.

Measure the effect in 30-90 days.

Become a Cash Flow Improvement Expert

Help businesses make more money, they will love you!