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Instant calculation

Get instant result about how much extra money you need to support your new sales. No need for calculation. Simply key in your financials and the calculation will be done for you automatically.


Easy to use

Our growth money tool is designed for non-finance CEOs in mind. No prior knowledge needed. Our model does all the hard work.



Money you need for growth can be adjusted to your sales level and your operating cost. Our model is flexible, so you can amend your numbers.

Get instant results about your cash for growth

Full visibility and predictive capability

Don’t wait to be rejected by the bank first. Make sure you prepare before your loan application.

Working capital incorporated

No surprises about unexpected money requirements for your working capital e.g. your stock, your work in progress, your customers unpaid invoices.




How much money will the bank loan you? Find out how much of your money shortfall can be financed by your bank.

How is this tool different from anything else in the market?


Really simple and easy to use. More importantly, it takes your financials now and it tells you how much money you need to support your future sales. You will be able to plan better and achieve more surprises! No more unexpected spending!

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