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“I have really been enjoying the events put together by BMIM, especially the closed workshops. They provide so much insight that you are able to effectively apply to your business.”

How do we do things

Due to a high interest in this event, we are doing yet another workshop on Cash Flow and Business Value! Book now to grab your seat today!


Have you ever wondered what your business is worth? And do you want to find out how to increase the value of your business and make more money in the process?

FREE workshop for CEOs of start-ups and established growing businesses with a business Cash flow expert.

Business money expert, 
Bibi Martin, will show you how to boost your cash flow and increase the value of your business. If you want to make more money and boost the value of your business, this is a must attend. Click the button to register for attendance.

" Informative, interesting, eye opener"

"Knowing or learning how to spend less, grow more and make more cash"


"Understanding how cash flow works and how to look more closely at my finances"


"Simple steps that are helpful to optimize cash flow"


"Great talk putting finance into a simple, easy to digest package"


Smart business decisions make money. We see leaders time and time again, make decisions and then wait hoping that their decisions would have the money they’d hoped for. But they do not know “if” or “how much”.

How to deal with uncertainty in decisions making?

A practical, hands-on workshop for CEOs of start-ups and established growing businesses with a business cash flow expert.


Business money expert, Bibi Martin, will show you the latest formula for working out how much money (cash and profit) your decisions are going to make you. You will learn the 7 components you need to factor in when making money decisions (not just price and cost).



**Exclusive for financial professionals**


Do you want to get CEOs to make more money from their business? And become the expert who shows them how to generate more cash from their business?


A practical, hands-on workshop, with a Business Money expert for Finance professionals engaged by growing businesses.


CEOs of growing companies come to you with all sorts of questions about finances, especially for advice on cash flow issues. You want to have the answer and more importantly, be understood, which can be a challenge when trying to communicate with non-finance CEOs

"Interesting, informative."


"I am now able to read our business from a different perspective. I can use this to aid senior decision making."


"We can now go beyond reporting and start giving our clients strategic advice."


Cash remains a major constraint for business growth. CEOs want to know more about it and how to improve performance in this area.

With this in mind, we have created a place where you can crash your psychological barriers that prevent you from making more money. You will gain clarity about cash flow and returns in your business. We know that you want to make more cash, more returns, but you do not know how and, frankly, you do not have the time to read lengthy finance text books. Instead, you want something that is simple and quick and gives you immediate information.


 "Insightful, encouraging, releasing!"


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BMIM Cash Flow is the finance business unit of BM Interim Management Ltd (BMIM), an interim and management consultancy based in London. BMIM is a team of Strategists and Implementers enabling businesses to operate efficiently and innovate creatively. We do this by designing and integrating customised programmes to fill in systems and talent gaps in your organisation. For the full list of services, visit the official website: 

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